Saturday, January 12, 2008


Lots of artists' blogs I've read in the past couple of weeks have mentioned their art-related goals for this year. I have decided that the only one I can realistically attempt to accomplish (with everything else I've got going on) is to sketch every day. It can be a quick 3 minute one if needed, but I do want to try to keep my hand fresh. I know I won't have time to paint that often, since that requires clearing off the kitchen table and getting out all my stuff. :)

This past week we collected ants for David's new ant farm and have had a blast watching them dig tunnels! Fascinating. That first day, I did a quick sketch of an ant while watching them through the magnifying glass. This is with pencil on a note pad- one of those freebies from a business.

Another night this week I did a quick sketch of a grapefruit and a bell pepper for a scavenger hunt item (from Wetcanvas). It was done at night in very poor light and the colors show it!

Then this evening I did a sketch of the three tadpoles that we've had since August!! These things are huge. I think they must be bullfrog tadpoles, which can take as long as three years to become mature frogs!! Yikes!! I don't know how much of those three years they are tadpoles, but we may have taken on a longer commitment than we knew! :)

I hope your 2008 has begun well!


Brenda Y said...

You have a lot of talent and I am EAGER to watch you find time to accomplish your 2008 goal!! A sketch a day is a wonderfully realistic goal.

Linda said...

Great drawings! We had bullfrog tadpoles, and they grew to adulthood within one season ... so I'm not at all sure what you have there! Should be interesting to find out! ;-D

Spinneretta said...

I love bullfrog tadpoles... they let you stroke them :)

Love the pictures... I am another homeschooling mother with a love of art ;)

Lynn said...

Cute tadpoles, Leslie. Welcome to the EDM group. I hope we see a lot more of your drawings. They are great!

Shelly McC said...

Some wonderful art here on your blog! Great work! Will drop by again soon to see more!

Serena said...

A lovely blog, Leslie! I look forward to seeing more ~ :)

Ann said...

Welcome to EDM Leslie! Wonderful work here, I look forward to seeing more.
And another homeschooling mom in the EDM group - I believe we have enough for our own subgroup now!