Wednesday, July 18, 2007

New Horizons

Well, I've been following a fellow artist's blog now for several months, and this week I noticed something new. It's a cool graphic that leads to a store for her images sold as greeting cards. Anita Davies So... I had some time tonight and decided to explore for myself. I've set up a card store now, and plan to add more images to both it and the Cafe Press store in the next few days when I take the shrink wrap and mats off my other artwork, scan it in with a higher resolution, and then re-shrink wrap them. :)

Meanwhile, I'm going to attempt to add the graphic to my blog tonight. I did a small watercolor sketch of some vegetables with my students in yesterday's art class and had a lot of fun. I'll scan it in later.

I've got a painting I really want to try to finish in the next week or so. It's been on my mind for years, and I actually began it a couple of years ago. I'm finally getting to the finishing stages of it, after working on it in fits and starts since I began it. It's of two little girls who are playing together on the steps. They appear as different as night and day, and when I saw them I couldn't resist taking several pictures!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Art class

This summer I am teaching a couple of children's art classes in my home, and yesterday after the scheduled lesson, I had the group draw an onion, which I set on the table. I sat down with them and drew it, too- here it is. I used pencil, colored pencil, and then went back in with a bit of ink.

I was planning to take ds to the pool today but it has rained off and on all day. I also need to grind some wheat and make bread! I'm behind on my housewifely duties this week. :) I'd love to ditch it all and just paint, but then what would we eat?

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Commission finished and delivered

Here is a painting that I finished and delivered a few weeks ago, and forgot to post. The person who commissioned it seemed to really like it, but I never heard whether her husband liked it or not. It was a gift for him.
This commission came about because of the times I had my artwork set up at the gym. The client kept my card and called me later. :)

Cafe Press store!

Well, I've taken the plunge and signed up for a Cafe Press store to try to sell some of my artwork. I'm going to try to add a banner to this site if possible, but if not I'll at least put up a link. Y'all come on by and see what's there!

Here's my link- it's also now in the side bar. .