Friday, February 13, 2009

Fun with birds, and an exciting announcement!

Claude Maran, our rooster

Wow, I can't believe it's been two months since I've posted! I have got to do better about keeping up with this, because I enjoy it so much.

Over Christmas we built ourselves a new chicken coop and pen that we hope will be safer than anything we've had before. Of course, we let the chickens range during the daytime when we're home, but nothing should get them while they're penned up, anyway.

A couple of weeks ago a friend offered us some of her Americauna chickens. She had to get rid of her stock because she's been doing so much traveling. These are the chickens that lay pastel colored eggs- Easter eggs! We are so excited because the white one (you can see her in the picture above) has laid two blue-green eggs this week!!!

Last week another friend gave us one of her red-faced parrot finches! She had banned this one from her aviary because it was a bully. It's perfectly happy to live by itself, so we are happy to have it! Jon named him Atticus. :) I do think that's it for adding any new animals for a while, though...

Now for the exciting announcement!
(Well, it's exciting to me, anyway...)

I've decided to create a separate blog just for my artwork. I would love it if you would pop on over to my art gallery blog and tell me what you think of it! The address is and I will be tweaking it in the days to come, I'm sure. I'm also hoping it will inspire me to be more faithful at creating and posting new artwork, without bogging this one down for those of you who aren't interested in seeing the art.


Vickie said...

Claude is a real looker! You have a nice collection of birds. Happy painting with all that color!

Anonymous said...

I have a question, are you in the city limits? was wanting to get a few chickens and saw your post, thanks,jennifer in auburn

Leslie said...

Hi, Jennifer,
No, I'm not in the city limits. I've seen chickens within the city limits but it's technically against city ordinances, unfortunately. I do know of several families who have them, though- it may be one of those things like the law in Alabama against spitting on the sidewalk or something. :)

Ana Tirolese said...

Your birds are fabulous. I love Atticus. What a great name too! You will have to paint him (I mean a portrait of Atticus, not take some paint and paint over his feathers! LOL)

Lynn Logan Roselli said...

Your birds are beautiful. I never heard of a chickens laying pastel eggs.

Lynn Logan Roselli said...

Your birds are beautiful. Interesting, I never knew chickens laid pastel.

Judybec said...

What fun your place must be -- love those critters! I'm jealous and wish I could have more animals around. The eggs are cool!!!

Leslie said...

Thanks, y'all! I do need to do a painting of Atticus, Ana. (My husband named him; he's the comedian of the family.)
Lynn, I'd never heard of chickens laying eggs like that either until last year. They are so pretty!
Judy, we just moved into the country last year and are loving it! I never thought I'd have this many animals. :) It's great!