Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Deer, pickles and a bunny

Deer in the back yard on Saturday! If you look carefully at the last one, you'll see six deer running out of the yard. :)

Last week we made pickles with cucumbers from our garden, added to those our neighbor gave us!! YUM!!

Monday the three of us went for a walk on the land behind our garden. We came upon a rabbit before the walk opened up to a beautiful view of a field. What a beautiful world we live in!

David found an overlooked zuchini. Wow, look at the size of that! :)

We've decided to let him have his own blog and he created his first post today. Please visit and let him know what you think. And if you know how I can change the profile on his and still keep it connected to this blog, please let me know!


The Victorious place said...

I enjoyed your art work. I love the colors on the boat house. It looks lovely were you live with all the land, dear and rabbits. You must have lots to paint especialy in the fall with all the vibrant colors.
Looking forward to viewing more.

Lisalou said...

So sorry to hear about your chickens! Your paintings are lovely and that overlooked zuccini should win at the Fair!