Sunday, June 08, 2008

Garden Update

Two interesting things happened this week (without pictures): 1. We had a black racer (snake) dash off across the yard one afternoon while we were sitting under a pecan tree and reading. It must have gotten impatient waiting on us and decided to head out! It was under the tree and we didn't see it until it started heading towards the woods. 2. Friday, David and I were reading under that same tree and saw a turle laying eggs in a flat spot under a crepe myrtle next to the house! What a surprise. Interesting to watch, too.

Well, I promised some garden pictures, and so here they are! They aren't terrific because I took them early afternoon. They are too bright. I hope you enjoy them anyway!

First, in the last several days we've seen a ton of beautiful May Pops, also called Passion Flower, in the field around the garden. I haven't seen these in years!!!

Here's a baby canteloupe, one of several that have started developing. I have never grown one all the way to an edible size, so I'm pretty excited to watch this get bigger! It is about softball size right now, but the rest are coming along behind.

This is a watermelon, one of several also about softball size. I've never grown a full-size watermelon, either! I'm eagerly checking on the melons daily, praying they survive and we'll get to enjoy them!

I also planted sunflowers at David's request. They are a small variety and a pretty lemon yellow. All that greenery around them is tomato plants with lots of little baby tomatoes.

Here's one of our chickens, getting bigger all the time!

Here's a picture of some apples growing on the tree I walk under on the way to the garden. I absolutely LOVE apples and am having a hard time refraining from picking these already. I love little green apples...

These are what I've picked in the last couple of days. We've already made pesto 3 times with basil from the garden, and have eaten some squash and cucumbers in salad. How wonderful!! We feel so very blessed.


elm11598 said...

Ummmmm...looks good!!!

We're heading to Auburn this Friday and will be in and out of town until the 24th. Maybe we can try to get together sometime!

odd chick said...

Hi Leslie
I'm glad you found me so that I got a chance to look at your site and your wonderful garden. I want some chickens! I live on a farm but I have a wonderful, but strange dog who brings me dead birds almost every day. Somehow I think he would not be kind to chickens.

Leslie said...

Thank you!! You're right- our landlords run off chickens and cats for that very reason. We have two indoor cats but just don't have a place for a dog. We're loving the chickens!