Monday, November 12, 2007

Note Card packs for Christmas gifts

After I sent out my last blog update, a friend followed the link to see my note cards on Greeting Card Universe, but wanted to buy them in packs to give as Christmas presents. Greeting Card Universe doesn't do that, so I decided to do it myself. :)

For now I've come up with 2 different groups, each composed of 8 note cards (2 each of 4 designs) and envelopes. I have several paintings not included in these, but plan to increase my selection in future if these do well.

The first set is all florals. The second one includes paintings of a monastery in Ukraine, so I'm calling it the monastery group. If you'd like to order some packs to give as Christmas presents, please let me know! Each pack of 8 cards and envelopes is $12.00.

We just returned from a home builders association's new product expo, where Jon had an exhibit of his invention, Storm Greeter. It seemed to be well received, and everyone who stopped and looked was very interested. We're really excited about it and expect it to take off very soon! For more information on this great product that will protect metal construction components from rust and corrosion, see

David had a great time! He became the sous chef of the chef hired to demonstrate an induction stove for one of the exhibitors. One thing about David is that he is NOT shy. He got to know all the exhibitors in the hall and then cooked most of the day. The chef said that he made a wonderful helper, doing exactly what he was told and then able to recreate the recipe on the third time around. It was a really good experience for him!

I also got a chance to do a little sketching on two afternoons, and I enjoyed that!

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