Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Plenty from a friend's garden

Several weeks ago a good friend invited ds and me to lunch after a pleasant morning of blueberry picking together. Afterwards, she sent me home with bounty from her garden! It was wonderfully colorful, so I took pictures before we began to consume it.

This weekend I did a couple of small paintings from some of the pictures, and began several others. I think I overworked these tomatoes, but I enjoyed myself! I'll post the others when I finish them.

On a different subject, we've been on two field trips in two weeks! Amazing. Last year in school we barely did two field trips in a half a year. Anyway, we went to the Audobon Aquarium in New Orleans two weeks ago when we traveled with dh on a business trip, and last week we went to Callaway Gardens with the same friend who gave us food from her garden. We have really enjoyed both trips. I plan to do more field trips this year to help ds enjoy school more. He is such a hands-on learner that I think they are good for him.

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Kathy King said...

I love the art! Great picture of David too.